COVID-19 Cleaning Protocol


Owners of self-catering accommodation have a duty of care to ensure the safety of guests and staff in relation to Covid-19. It is our responsibility to ensure that we and our property complies with health and safety legislation in relation not only to self-catering accommodation, but also to have a public health responsibility to ensure the accommodation is clean, not only to the eye, but also that any potential virus is removed to the best of our ability to prevent any spread.

This document has been prepared for Craven Cottage as it is important to have a strict cleaning
protocol in place and that this is clearly identified to both cleaners and guests. We have taken all
possible steps to protect our guests and clean the property suitably.


● Contact with Guests will be kept to a minimum, adhering to current social distancing guidelines. A copy of this document will be forwarded by email prior to arrival to advise of procedures.
● Guests Details – government regulations for self-catering properties stipulate that the contact
details for guests must be obtained for track and trace purposes, if required. Please kindly email all occupants address(es) for our records.
● A Hand Sanitiser Station is to be found at the top of the steps leading from the car park to the
property. This must be used before entering the property by all guests.
● Keys are located in a key box to the left of the main white stable door. Code is 1111. Square key –
front door, round key – patio doors. Just the top lock tends to be used.
● Guest Information is to be found on the kitchen worktop, produced in a plastic laminated wipe
able format covering: no smoking policy, Wi-Fi info, entrance gates, outside lights, appliance
instructions, heating instructions, waste management, outside facilities, local shops etc., helpful
numbers and contacts. A copy of this will also be forwarded by email prior to arrival.
● Cleaning Materials, including disinfectant, tissues, hand wash and/or sanitiser and cloths,
disposable gloves for guests use. (Located under the kitchen sink). Guests are encouraged to
maintain the cleanliness of the property during their stay.
● Clean Linen, will be provided depending on the length of your stay and when required guests are requested to strip the bed and double bag the used linen for collection (black bin liners to be found under the kitchen sink). Arrangements for this will be made via text / mobiles.
● Windows need to be left open on departure in readiness for the cleaning team. We ask you to also have windows open when the weather permits during your stay.


Coronavirus can live for up to 2-3 days on plastic and stainless steel surfaces. Since these materials make up many of the things which are regularly touched on a day to day basis, such as light switches, door handles, kitchen surfaces, bathroom surfaces and taps, it’s vital to disinfect surfaces to reduce the possible risk of transmission between people.
Cleaning of Property, this is thoroughly done AND disinfected prior to arrival and once the guests
have left the property. CLEANING CHECK LIST – We do have a Check List for cleaning the Cottage
which we are happy to show guests should they wish to view it.
Textiles – Linens, Towels, Hot-water cycle (60oC) AND regular laundry detergent. Pillows, quilts,
mattress / pillow protectors changed after each guest.
Soft furnishings have been kept to a minimum and are changed after each guest. Extra cushions and throws have been removed to avoid additional cleaning / contamination. Likewise books,
magazines, local tourist info and games are not currently available for the safety of guests.
Cleaning Equipment, Single-use disposable OR Non disposable cleaned at the end of each session.
Protective Clothing for Cleaning Staff, Surgical mask cleaned after each use, disposable boiler suits, disposable gloves and disposable overshoes.
Waste Management, all waste is requested to be double bagged and put in the relevant bins for
minimum storage of three days prior to disposal.


● If guests arrive at our property with symptoms of COVID-19 they will be advised to return home
(where possible) and/or self-isolate in accordance with current Government guidance.
● If guests have acute breathing difficulties call 999.
● If a guest develops symptoms / contracts the virus during the stay at our property, they must
immediately inform us and we will advise of the next steps to be taken. JULIA 07887 947945 is
available 24/7 for any emergencies.


Due to the cleaning protocol associated with Covid-19 taking far more time to adhere to, we have regrettably had to alter our check-in and departure times for our guests. Until further notice check-in time will be after 3.00pm and departure time will be 10.00am, unless otherwise advised by ourselves.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information and we trust you stay safe and well.
Charlotte, Chris and Julia at Saddleworth Holiday Cottages.